A Definite Guide to Furry Diffusion AI with Prompts, Setup, and Models

In this definitive guide, we’ll be exploring everything you need to know about the captivating field of Furry Diffusion AI.

Furry Diffusion combines the cutting-edge technology of artificial intelligence with the whimsical charm of furry characters, resulting in a unique and engaging experience.

Furry Stable Diffusion: Setup, Models Download, and Prompts

Whether you’re an artist looking to bring your furry creations to life or a gamer seeking to immerse yourself in a furry-themed virtual world, this guide has got covered.

What is Furry Diffusion AI?

Furry Diffusion is a type of Stable Diffusion model, which is a machine-learning system that produces furry artwork based on text prompts.

It utilizes advanced algorithms to generate highly realistic and detailed illustrations of furry characters.

And it is developed in Python, and Git is used for the maintenance of source control. 

As Furry Diffusion is still in beta and will keep improving, the model is being developed to make it easy to create content themed around furries and anthropomorphic animals.

How to Download and Setup Furry Models in Stable Diffusion

Local Installation

Before proceeding with the installation, make sure you have the necessary dependencies in place.

Python 3.10.6 and Git:

  • For Windows: Download and run the installers for Python 3.10.6 (available in webpage, exe, or win7 version) and Git (available on the webpage).
  • For Linux (Debian-based): Run the command “sudo apt install wget git python3 python3-venv” in your terminal.
  • For Linux (Red Hat-based): Run the command “sudo dnf install wget git python3” in your terminal.
  • For Linux (Arch-based): Run the command “sudo pacman -S wget git python3” in your terminal.

Code from this repository:

  • Preferred method: Clone the repository by using Git. Open the command line window by right-clicking in Explorer and selecting “Git Bash here.” Then run the command “git clone https://github.com/AUTOMATIC1111/stable-diffusion-webui.git”. This method allows easy updates by simply running “git pull.”
  • Alternative method: Go to the main page of the repository and click on the green “Code” button, then select “Download ZIP.”

Get more details here.

Instructions for NVidia (recommended) and AMD GPUs:

Installation on Windows 10/11 with NVidia-GPUs (Release Package)

To install the software on Windows 10/11 with NVidia-GPUs, follow these steps:

  1. Download the release package sd.webui.zip from v1.0.0-pre and extract its contents.
  2. Run the update.bat file.
  3. Run the run.bat file.
  4. For more detailed instructions, refer to the Install-and-Run-on-NVidia-GPUs guide.

Automatic Installation on Windows:

  1. Install Python 3.10.6 (Note: Newer versions of Python do not support torch). During the installation, make sure to check the “Add Python to PATH” option.
  2. Install git.
  3. Download the stable-diffusion-webui repository. You can do this by running the command: “git clone https://github.com/AUTOMATIC1111/stable-diffusion-webui.git”.
  4. Run the webui-user.bat file from Windows Explorer as a normal non-administrator user.

If you are facing any issues while installing, you can troubleshoot the issue here. And to install on Aplple Silicon and Linux, you may read it from github.

Run on Google Colab

Google Colab for furry stable diffusion

We all know most convenient online service to run stable diffusion is Google Colab. So to conveniently use the furry models, you can access the popular  Google Colab here

To Use any Colabs Simply hover over a code block and click the ▶️ play button to execute it. Proceed from top to bottom, one by one.

Steps for this Colab:

1. One of the code blocks allows you to select your preferred model from a dropdown menu on the right side. If your desired model is listed, move to step 4.

2. If the model is not listed, download it and rename the file to “model.ckpt”. Then, upload it to your Google Drive (drive.google.com).

3. After the final code block finishes, you will receive a Gradio app link. Click on it, and you’re good to go! Enjoy!

Remember free users have several hours of usage per day, which may vary based on traffic and your long-term resource consumption If you encounter a usage limit.

For more information, updates, and troubleshooting You May join Furry Diffusion Discord.

Stable Diffusion Furry Models Download

6 Furry arts from huggingface
Image Source: HuggingFace

Once you have successfully set up Furry Stable Diffusion, you gain access to an array of remarkable models designed to cater to different artistic preferences. Let’s take a closer look at some of the notable models available:

Yiffy – Epoch 18:

Yiffy is a general-use model trained on e621, encompassing a wide range of furry art styles. With its diverse capabilities, Yiffy enables you to explore various artistic expressions, including ferals and naturally bipedal animals such as kangaroos, birds, and dinosaurs.

 Please note that during the training process, the word “explicit” was mistakenly spelled as “explicit.”

Zack3D – Kinky Furry CV1:

With a focus on goo, latex, and NSFW content, this Stable Diffusion model is trained on E621 data.

Please note that the AI is quite restrictive, with 75% of SFW furry art getting blocked for NSFW.

You can directly Download the above models from here and for more furry models you may check the website.

Stable Diffusion furry prompts

After my test and reading a Reddit post, I am telling you that using well-known anthropomorphic characters has proven to be the most effective method for ensuring the depiction of anthropomorphic beings rather than ordinary animals, in terms of species selection.

Additionally, incorporating backlit and rim light techniques adds a touch of exceptional quality to the overall style.

Let’s see some stable diffusion furry prompts using the above method:

Furry art mentioning the the character gnolls in the prompt
Prompt: High fantasy artwork + male gnolls posing for a group shot + hyena head tusks sharp claws tufts of fur

Prompts to try by yourself:

  • High fantasy artwork + male tabby cats posing for a group shot + warrior clan + battle-worn + scars + weapons + armor
  • High fantasy artwork + female hyenas posing as a royal family + elegant + luxurious + jewels + crowns + thrones
  • High fantasy artwork + beautiful snow leopard kitsune + meditating in a forest + glowing eyes + mystical energy
  • High fantasy artwork + group of anthro foxes playing in a meadow + carefree + playful + happy + sunshine
  • High fantasy artwork + lone wolf sitting on a mountaintop + looking out at the horizon + thoughtful +pensive + lonely
  • High fantasy artwork + female harpies posing as a team + flying through the air + windblown hair feathers + backlit + rim lighting
  • High fantasy artwork + beautiful dragonborn princess + long flowing hair scales horns + sitting on a throne + backlit + rim lighting
  • High fantasy artwork + majestic lion shifter king + mane flowing fur crown + standing on a cliff + sunset sky + backlit + rim lighting
  • High fantasy artwork + cute fox kits playing together + in a forest clearing + sunlight streaming through the trees + backlit + rim lighting

Now let’s see some furry diffusion prompts on the basis of a particular animal.


A female anthro lioness stands in the center of a crowded village square.

Prompt: A female anthro lioness stands in the center of a crowded village square. The sun is setting, and the air is filled with the sound of drums and chanting. The lioness is wearing a simple tribal skirt and a few beads around her neck. Her fur is a deep golden brown, and her eyes are a piercing green. She smiles at the viewer, her teeth gleaming in the fading light. Her pose is confident and relaxed, and her hands are resting on her hips. The village around her is primitive and rustic, but the lioness herself is a masterpiece of art. Her fur is rendered in exquisite detail, and her facial features are perfectly sculpted. The lighting is cinematic and dramatic, and the overall effect is one of beauty and power.


A solo anthro wolf sits at her desk in a high-rise office

Prompt: A solo anthro wolf sits at her desk in a high-rise office, her long grey fur glistening in the sunlight. She is wearing a black blazer and a pair of high heels, and her long eyelashes flutter as she smiles at the viewer. Her seductive smile and the pen she is holding suggest that she is a powerful businesswoman, and the cityscape outside her window hints at her wealth and status. The lighting is cinematic and dramatic, and the overall effect is one of beauty, power, and mystery.


A red furred anthro cat stands in a park

Prompt: A red furred anthro cat stands in a park, smiling at the viewer. He is wearing a soft, fluffy brown jacket and a shirt, and his yellow eyes sparkle in the sunlight. His fur is ultra realistic and detailed, with every strand rendered in perfect clarity. The bloom and illumination on his fur give it a soft, glowing effect, and the shadows and reflections add depth and realism to the image. The overall effect is one of beauty, realism, and cuteness.

Remember in the above prompt I used negative prompts: human, bad quality, muscular.

Now it’s time for you to play with these and don’t forget to try the prompts with other animals.

What models are available for Furry Stable Diffusion?

There are a number of different models available for Furry Stable Diffusion, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Some of the most popular models include:
1. Yiffy: A general-purpose model that is good for creating a variety of furry art styles.
2. Zack3D: A model that specializes in creating goo/latex art.
3. Pony Diffusion: A model that is specifically designed for creating pony art.

How do I write prompts for Furry Stable Diffusion?

Prompts are used to guide the generation of images with Furry Stable Diffusion. They can be used to specify the desired style, content, and other features of the image.

What are some troubleshooting tips for Furry Stable Diffusion?

If you’re having trouble with Furry Stable Diffusion, here are some troubleshooting tips to try:
1. Use a GPU-enabled computer.
2. Download the correct model.
3. Experiment with different prompts.
4. Reduce the number of iterations.

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