CharacterAI Text Guide: Formatting, Commands, Limit, and More

Welcome, creative minds and wordsmiths! Explore the world of CharacterAI text formatting. 

Crafting a story, essay, or speech? CharacterAI text formatting adds magic. Italicize thoughts, make bold statements, highlight key points, or strike through words.

CharacterAI Text Guide

Our guide elevates your text game, whether you’re a seasoned writer or just starting out. Master formatting to amplify your words.

You will be capable to discover essential commands, tricks, and tips. Explore italics, bold statements, and strikethroughs. 

So, Let’s dive in and discover the wonders of CharacterAI text formatting together!

CharacterAI Text Formatting

Now Let’s talk about CharacterAI text formatting and how it can make your conversations more engaging and visually appealing.

Imagine your characters speaking with style and emphasis, capturing the reader’s attention and bringing your story to life.

a lady character capturing the reader's attention and bringing a story to life.

In CharacterAI, text formatting is achieved using Markdown, a simple yet powerful markup language.

Markdown lets you modify the appearance of your text by using plain text indicators. It’s like adding a touch of magic to your words!

Just take a look at what you can do with CharacterAI text formatting:

Bold: To make the text bold, you can use two asterisks (*) on either side of the text.

For example, you could type “This text is bold.” to make the text appear bold.

Italic: To make the text italic, you can use one underscore (_) on either side of the text.

For example, you could type “This text is italic.” to make the text appear italic.

Underline: To underline text, you can use two underscores (__) on either side of the text.

For example, you could type “This text is underlined.” to make the text appear underlined.

Strikethrough text:

According to Character.AI, strikethrough text can be created by using the tilde symbol (~) on each side of the text that needs to be striked out.

For example, to create strikethrough text for the phrase “this is strikethrough”, one can use the following code:

~this is strikethrough~

This would display as:~this is strikethrough~

And that’s not all! You can also play with fonts, sizes, and colors to make your text truly captivating. Here’s how you can do it:

Font: You can change the font of your text by using the font command. For instance, if you want to switch to Arial, simply type font=Arial.

Size: Give your text a different size by using the size command. For example, to make it 16pt, type size=16.

Color: Make your words pop with vibrant colors using the color command. Want to go red? Just type color=red.

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Now let’s talk to control the behavior of the CharacterAI chatbot…

CharacterAI Text Commands

CharacterAI text commands are like the secret sauce that brings your chatbot to life.

They allow you to control its behavior, making it perform actions, say things, or even think thoughts. It’s like having a virtual puppet at your fingertips!

screenshot of a conversation on character ai

Let me walk you through some amazing examples of CharacterAI text commands that will take your conversations to the next level:

Say: The say command empowers the chatbot to speak its mind. You can make it say anything you want!

To have the chatbot greet you with enthusiasm, type say=hello. Or, let it ask a question like say=What's your favorite color? to spark an engaging conversation.

Think: The think command gives the chatbot an inner voice. It’s like peeking into its thoughts and emotions.

By using think, you can make the chatbot ponder over different ideas and situations.

For example, you can type think=I'm bored to reveal the chatbot’s current state of mind or think=I'm worried about my friend to add depth and complexity to the dialogue.

Change Personality: With the change personality command, you have the power to mold the chatbot’s character.

Want it to be more friendly? Simply type change personality=friendly, and witness the transformation.

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Action Text in Character ai Commands:

When it comes to expressing actions, there are a few different ways you can do it.

Act: The act command lets you make the chatbot perform actions. It’s as if the chatbot becomes a character on a virtual stage.

For instance, if you want the chatbot to wave, simply type act=wave, and watch it wave back at you. How cool is that?

And according to a Reddit post, one suggestion is to use italics or brackets to indicate actions.

So, you can either put the action in italics or use brackets around it. But hey, plain text works just fine too!

Another idea is to use parentheses to directly instruct the AI. Anything written in parentheses is considered direct instruction to the AI.

This can be super helpful in shaping your character’s personality, actions, and thoughts.

How to use Markdown to format Action text on Character AI

We already said CharacterAI only uses Markdown and If you want to use it to format action text on CharacterAI, you can use different markers to indicate special formatting.

According to CharacterAI, some of the Markdown styling options you can use include italics, bold, highlight, and strikethrough.

So, to indicate italics, just put a single asterisk (*) on each side of a phrase, like this.

This can be used to indicate action.

Here’s an example of how to use Markdown styling to create a bulleted list for action text on Character AI:

– The character walked *slowly* towards the door.

– The character opened the door *quietly*.

– The character peeked inside the room *cautiously*.

This would display as:

The character walked slowly towards the door.

The character opened the door quietly.

The character peeked inside the room cautiously.

It’s worth noting that the Character.AI platform also supports speech-to-text, which allows you to talk to your characters by pressing the microphone button in chat.

Why is CharaterAI text slow?

CharacterAI is a vast language model that necessitates significant computing power for text generation. This can result in slower processing, particularly when dealing with intricate or lengthy requests.

What is CharaterAI text speed?

CharacterAI can generate text at a rate of 1-2 sentences per second. However, for more intricate inquiries, the speed may be slightly slower.

How do you do big text in character AI?

To make text larger, you can use the following syntax:
* This is small text
** This is slightly larger text
*** This is even larger text
The number of asterisks (*) determines the size of the text.

Wrapping up: Character AI text limit

Before leaving let’s talk about the Character.AI text limit and how it affects your interactions with the chatbot.

In Character.AI, the text limit is set at 32,000 characters. This means that you can input up to 32,000 characters into the chatbot during each interaction.

It’s like having a size restriction on the amount of text you can feed to the chatbot at once.

This limit ensures that the chatbot remains responsive and delivers accurate responses to your queries.

But what happens if you have more than 32,000 characters to input?

Well, no worries! Character.AI has got you covered.

You can simply break up your text into multiple messages. For example, if you have a 64,000 character message, you can split it into two separate messages, each containing 32,000 characters.

This way, you can still communicate your thoughts effectively, even if you exceed the character limit.

Now, you have the power to experiment and explore with CharacterAI text.

Let your imagination run wild, and see how you can shape unique and captivating conversations with the chatbot.

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