Character AI Statistics: Number of Character AI Users (2023)

In this up-to-date article, I will provide you with a compilation of Character AI statistics and, most importantly, the number of users Character AI has in 2023, along with other relevant data you should know.

After ChatGPT and Bard, Character AI is one of the fastest growing Artificial Intelligence chatbots that generates human-like replies from fictional characters and real-life famous personalities.

Character AI Statistics

It was founded in 2021, and within a short period of time, this human-like AI chatbot gained millions of users, and users love to use it.

However, without wasting any time, let’s dive in.

Top 7 Character AI User Statistics

  • Character AI currently has around 15 million users (approximately)
  • get approximately 206 million visits per month (June, 2023) 
  • Character AI app was installed by 1.7 million users within the first week
  • Over 54% of Character AI’s social media visits come from YouTube
  • The main traffic source is Direct
  • Over 63% of Character AI users are male
  • Over 24% of Character AI’s users are American

How Many Character AI Users Are There?

There is no available data on the total number of users on Character AI. And till now, this chatbot founder didn’t disclose any information on that.

According to a Character AI team member, the number of Character AI users is increasing exponentially since the end of 2022. The team member also provided a graph demonstrating the growth of Character AI users.

A graph around Character AI user
Character AI user Graph

As you have already seen, the number of users is just an approximate figure, and it can be either low or high. I mentioned this number based on the total Google search volume of Character AI, which was over 45 million in June 2023.

The record-breaking user increases in just a two-month period from April 2023 to May 2023.

Source: Character AI, Exploding Topics

Character AI App Stats

Character AI has recently launched its mobile app for IOS and Android users. 

The launch of the Character AI app was a record-breaking success because it garnered 1.7 million installations within seven days.

Character AI app overview
An overview of Character AI app

A few days before the Character AI app launch, OpenAI’s ChatGPT launched their app, and it was installed by half a million users within six days. It was a record-breaker in the market of AI via consumer mobile apps.

But the a16z-backed Character.AI app breaks this ChatGPT’s record.

However, according to the latest available data, Character AI has over 5 million installations. In the entertainment category, Character AI ranks 33 in Play Store and 15 in App Store.

Here is a basic Character AI app overview: 

App Name Character AI – Chat Ask Create
Launch DateMay 2023
Average Rating4.6 out of 5
Total Downloads 5 million+
App Size16 MB (Play Store) & 32 MB (App Store)
Age Requirement12+ 
Last Update Jul 28, 2023

Sources: App Store, Play Store, Similarweb, TechCrunch

Character AI User Growth

Character AI’s organic traffic went from 18000 to 500,000 within four months from December 2022 to March 2023. From this time point, Character AI was receiving a significant amount of monthly traffic.

Character AI attracts approximately 200 million monthly visits, positioning the platform at 142nd place among the most visited websites worldwide.

According to Exploding Topics the total search volume of Character AI is increasing by +6400% in July 2023 and has a total search volume of 45.5 million in just one month.

Character AI total search volume

Let’s take a look at the last three-month monthly visit progression of Character AI: 

MonthNumber of VisitsChange Over Previous MonthChange Over Previous Month (%)
February 202386 million↑ 21 million↑ 32%
March 2023107 million↑ 21 million↑ 24%
April 2023150 million↑ 43 million↑ 40%
May 2023281 million↑ 131 million↑ 87%
June 2023190 million↓ 91 million ↓ 32%
July 2023206 million↑ 16 million↑ 8%

Approximately 9 million (↑) users use Character AI each day, and their average visit duration is 29 minutes.

Sources: Similarweb, Exploding Topics

Character AI User Stats

According to SimilarWeb data, has been visited approximately 206 million times over the last 30 days. That is an increase of 8% from June 2023’s 191 million. And around 3x increases from the month of January 2023’s 65 million.

In July 2023, Character AI was visited by 16 million unique visitors. 

To gain traffic, Character AI does not pay for ads, and 100% of the traffic is organic.

On the Character AI website, each visitor averages 13.91 pages per visit and spends nearly 29 minutes and 30 seconds exploring the platform. This average visit duration is more than 22 minutes longer than ChatGPT’s visit duration, which is 7 minutes and 27 seconds.

Character AI has a bounce rate of 20.87%

The total page views of Character AI were 3.142 billion in the last 30 days.

Let’s take a look at how Character AI compares to other popular AI chatbots in terms of monthly visitors: 

WebsiteTotal VisitsBounce RatePages per VisitAverage Visit Duration
Character AI206 million20.87%13.91 pages29.30 minutes
ChatGPT1.5 billion39.39%4.00 pages7.12 minutes
Google Bard189 million55.39%2.92 pages5.30 minutes
Poe AI86 million42.95%5.24 pages6.02 minutes
Claude AI17 million36.04%3.04 pages5.12 minutes
Writesonic AI6.5 million43.28%4.17 pages4.17 minutes
Jasper AI4.2 million37.72%4.31 pages3.52 minutes
Crushon AI3.4 million29.33%12.39 pages10.57 minutes

Source: Similarweb

Character AI Reddit Statistics

Character AI has a vast subreddit with 566k subscribers as of August 2023. The majority of subreddit members are from the USA, Philippines, and Vietnam.

Character AI subreddit ranks 1388th based on subscribers.

In the Character AI subreddit, the average number of posts is 246 per day, along with 693 comments per day. 

And the subreddit is highly active; most posts and comments revolve around server issues, Character AI bots, amusing moments, etc. When writing this article, active users were 1.2K online.

Charaacter AI subreddit active users

The Character AI subreddit subscribers increased from 50k to 500k in just three months, from May 2023 to July 2023.

Character AI subreddit subscriber graph
Character AI subreddit subscriber graph

Here is a detailed overview of Character AI subreddit growth, month to month, from the last 1 year:

MonthNumber of Subscriber Count Change Over Previous Month (%)
August 202210NIl
September 202275↑ 650%
October 20221200↑ 1500%
November 20222400↑ 100%
December 20227000↑ 192%
January 202311,000↑ 57%
February 202320,000↑ 82%
March 202325000↑ 25%
April 202338000↑ 52%
May 2023100K↑ 163%
June 2023300K↑ 200%
July 2023535K↑ 78%

Sources: Sub Reddit Stats, Reddit

Character AI Traffic

Top Marketing Channels

The vast majority of Character AI traffic comes through the Direct Marketing channel, which accounts for 84.34%. It means around 8 in 10 Character AI visitors are direct. 

And the second most popular way to access Character AI is through Organic Search, constituting 11.38%.

Here’s a breakdown of the most popular Character AI marketing channels:

RankMarketing ChannelProportion of Traffic
2.Organic Search11.38%
3.Social Media3.50%
7.Paid Search<0.01%

Social Media Traffic

As you already know, Character AI receives 3.50% of social media traffic, and what you may not be aware of is that the majority of social media traffic comes from YouTube, comprising 54.36% of the total social media traffic.

Character AI Social Media Traffic Stack Up

Here is a breakdown of all social media traffic sources along with their respective traffic share:

RankSocial NetworkProportion of Traffic 
5.X (formarly Twitter)6.55%

Top Keyword Traffic

Character AI receives 11.38% of its traffic from organic search, and the most popular keyword is “character ai,” with a search volume of 4.9 million.

The total keyword volume to access character AI is 45 million

Here is top 5 most popular keywords to access Character AI and their volume: 

RankKeywordMonthly Searches
1.character ai4.9 million
4.Beta character ai158.5K character122.7K

Source: Similarweb

Character AI By Region

Character AI receives most of its traffic from the United States of America (25.32%).

The Philippines takes the second place (7.60%) in terms of total Character AI visits.

Character AI Users By Country

And 49% of the total traffic comes from only five countries.

Here is a breakdown of the top 5 countries along with their proportion of traffic percentage:

RankCountryProportion of Character AI Traffic
1.United States25.32%

Character AI By Age & Gender

Most of the Character AI users are male (63.81%). And women make up 36.19% of Character AI users, which is higher than the percentage of women who work in AI research (35%).

The age distribution of Character AI users is also interesting. The largest age group is 18-24 year olds (43.02%), followed by 25-34 year olds (29.40%). 

Character AI Users By Age Group

This suggests that Character AI is popular with young adults, who are often interested in creating and sharing content online.

Here is the breakdown of age groups and the proportion of Character AI users:

RankAgeProportion of Character AI Users
1.18 to 2443.02%
2.25 to 3429.40%
3.35 to 4412.92%
4.45 to 547.18%
5.55 to 644.54%

Character AI Funding & Valuation

Character AI was founded in 2021 by two former Google AI employees, Noam Shazeer and Daniel De Freitas.

In March 2023, Character.AI raised $150 million in a Series A funding round led by Andreessen Horowitz. The company was valued at $1 billion in this round. 

Source: Tracxn

Top 10 Most Used Character AI Bots  

Character AI is a conversational chatbot where you receive responses like a human. You can engage in conversations with different anime characters and real-life famous personalities.

Each character is referred to as a Character AI bot.

There are a total of 10 million characters you can chat with, created by Character AI users.

Here are the top 10 Character AI bots and the total number of messages they have generated up to this point.

RankBot NameTotal Messages
1.SM64 Mario39.2 million
2.Text Adventure Game38.6 million
3.Character Assistant35.9 million
4.Stella21.6 million
5.Elon Musk17.4 million
6.Alternate Timeline16.1 million
7.Lily13.5 million
8.WWI adventure game13.1 million
9.Creative Helper13 million
10.WhoWouldWin9.5 million

Source: Character AI, App Master

FAQs Around Character AI Stats

What country uses Character.AI the most?

The primary user base for Character AI, comprising 25.32%, is from the United States of America.

How much mobile data does character ai use?

According to a user on Reddit, they used about 10MB of data in a 30-minute conversation with the AI. This is about the same amount of data as listening to a song on Spotify.

Will Character.AI ever be paid?

Character AI has already introduced its paid subscription plan for a reasonable price, which is $9.99 per month.

How many downloads does Character.AI have?

Within the initial three weeks of Character AI’s launch, the app was downloaded by over 5 million users (Android and iOS).

Why is Character.AI popular?

Character AI is a text-based chatbot where users can engage in free conversations with fictional characters. This is a key factor contributing to the widespread popularity of Character AI.

Who is the founder of Character AI?

The Character AI was founded by two ex-Google employees named Noam Shazeer and Daniel De Freitas.

Is Character.AI a public company?

No, Character.AI is not a public company. It is a privately held company that was founded in 2021.

Where is Character AI headquarters?

Character AI’s headquarters is situated in Menlo Park, California. The detailed address is 1152, 700 El Camino Real, Suite 120, Menlo Park, CA 94025.

Final Thoughts: Character AI Statistics

Character AI achieved remarkable success overnight, rapidly becoming one of the most popular AI chatbots, following ChatGPT and Google Bard.

Based on the current data, the success of Character AI appears to continue into the future.

For more related Character AI statistics, take a look at best Character AI alternatives, and Character AI definition guide

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