Originality AI vs Turnitin: Which Is The Best AI Detector? 

As more students turn to online resources for their academic work, the need for plagiarism detection tools has become increasingly important. Two popular options are Originality AI and Turnitin. While both tools aim to detect plagiarism, they differ in their approach and testing criteria. 

When it comes to choosing between the two, it’s important to consider factors such as accuracy, speed, pricing, and ease of use. 

Originality AI vs Turnitin

To cover these aspects we have written this article around “Originality AI vs Turnitin” which will definitely help you to make a decision.  

But why trust us to guide you through this decision-making process? Our team of experts has extensively tested both tools and can provide an unbiased comparison based on our own experience. 

In this blog post, we’ll break down the pros and cons of Originality AI and Turnitin, and help you make an informed decision.

What Is Originality AI?

Originality AI

Originality AI is an advanced plagiarism detection tool that you can rely on. It utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze your written content and compare it against an extensive database of sources. 

By doing so, it helps you ensure that your work is original and devoid of any plagiarism.

What makes Originality AI stand out from other plagiarism detection tools is its remarkable capability to identify AI-generated content. 

This feature becomes increasingly valuable as AI-generated content becomes more prevalent in today’s world. 

Moreover, the tool boasts an impressive accuracy rate of 94% when it comes to detecting content created by popular NLP models like GPT-2, GPT-NEO, GPT-J, GPT-3, and GPT-4.

Not only does Originality AI excel in plagiarism detection, but it also offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the entire process. 

With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly upload your content and receive a comprehensive report that highlights any potential issues. 

In a nutshell, Originality AI empowers you with a powerful tool to guarantee the originality of your written content.

What Is Turnitin AI? 

Turnitin AI detection tool

If you’re looking for a plagiarism detection tool, you’ve likely heard of Turnitin AI. Turnitin is a popular tool used by educators and students alike to ensure the originality of written content. 

Turnitin AI uses a vast database of sources, including student papers and web sources, to compare written content and identify any potential issues. 

The tool is highly accurate, with a 98% accuracy rate in detecting potential plagiarism. 

One of the key benefits of Turnitin AI is its user-friendly interface. Users can easily upload their content and receive a detailed report highlighting any potential issues. 

The tool also offers a range of features, including the ability to check for grammar and spelling errors, as well as the option to provide feedback and comments on student work. 

Originality AI vs Turnitin: A Quick Comparison Table

Here is a quick comparison table between Originality AI and Turnitin: 

CriteriaOriginality AI Turnitin
AccuracyMay not be 100% accurateMay produce false positives
Cost$0.01 for every 100 words3 per student annually
User-friendliness User-friendly option for AI and plagiarism detectionWidely recognized plagiarism detection tool used by many universities and institutions
Target audienceEducators, students, and businessesEducators and students, primarily used in universities and institutions
FocusCan help businesses create original content at scaleEmphasis on ensuring academic integrity and proper citation
IntegrationNo information availableSeamless interoperation with every major learning management system

Who Is Originality AI And Turnitin For?

Based on the internet sources and our research, Originality AI and Turnitin are primarily for educators, students, and businesses that need to ensure academic integrity or originality of content. 

Originality AI is designed for educators and students who need to check for originality in student work and detect emerging trends in academic misconduct. 

It can also be used by businesses to create original content at scale.

Turnitin is also designed for educators and students who need to check for plagiarism and ensure academic integrity. It is widely used by universities and institutions. 

Additionally, it can be used by businesses to create original content, but this is not its primary focus.

Originality AI And Turnitin Pricing

Pricing Model Of Originality AI

Originality AI offers you a simple and flexible pricing model based on a pay-as-you-go system. You’ll be glad to know that the tool charges only $0.01 for every 100 words checked, as per reliable internet sources. 

Pricing details of Originality AI

This means that the cost of using Originality AI depends on the specific amount of content you need to scan. 

The pricing structure ensures that you pay for exactly what you use, without any unnecessary fees or commitments.

There are no tiered price plans, and the base plan unlocks all of the software’s features, making plagiarism checking and AI content detection accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Originality AI provides additional features such as team management, auto-billing, and a scan history organized by user. 

These features are designed to streamline your workflow and simplify the process of monitoring and managing your content’s originality.

While Originality AI is not a free tool, its transparent and affordable pricing model makes it a viable option for both businesses and individuals seeking to ensure the authenticity and originality of their content.

Pricing Model of Turnitin AI Detection Tool

Turnitin offers a range of pricing plans for educational institutions, with different options based on the size and needs of the institution. The pricing model is based on the number of students enrolled in the institution, with different tiers available for smaller and larger institutions.

The pricing plans are designed to be flexible, with the option to choose between annual or multi-year contracts, and the ability to add or remove services as needed. 

Additional services, such as the Authorship Investigation feature, can be added for an additional fee.

Turnitin also offers a free trial period for institutions to test out the software before committing to a paid plan. 

The trial period allows institutions to test out the plagiarism detection and grading features of the software, as well as the feedback tools for students.

Feature Comparison: Originality AI vs Turnitin AI Detection Tool

When it comes to detecting plagiarism and ensuring originality in academic and professional settings, two prominent AI-powered tools have gained attention: Originality AI and Turnitin AI Detection Tool. 

This feature comparison aims to provide an easy-to-understand overview of their capabilities and functionalities, allowing users to make informed decisions based on their needs.


One crucial aspect to consider is the accuracy and detection capability of these tools. 

Originality AI utilizes advanced machine learning techniques to scan extensive databases, including online sources, academic journals, and previously submitted documents. 

Its algorithm is designed to provide comprehensive and accurate plagiarism detection. 

Similarly, Turnitin AI Detection Tool offers a robust mechanism that scans various sources to identify similarities and has been refined to deliver reliable results.

User Experience

In terms of user experience, Originality AI excels with its intuitive and user-friendly interface. 

It simplifies the process of uploading documents and generates detailed reports seamlessly. 

On the other hand, Turnitin AI Detection Tool also provides a user-friendly interface, but some users might find it slightly more challenging to navigate initially.

Integration and Compatibility

Integration and compatibility are essential considerations as well. 

Originality AI seamlessly integrates with popular learning management systems (LMS) like Moodle, Canvas, and Blackboard, streamlining its incorporation into existing educational workflows. 

It also offers plugins for widely used word processing software such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and LaTeX. 

Similarly, Turnitin AI Detection Tool provides extensive integration options with various LMS platforms and document editors.

Multilingual Support

In terms of multilingual support, Originality AI stands out by supporting multiple languages. 

Its advanced algorithms can handle diverse languages, ensuring accurate plagiarism detection across different linguistic backgrounds. 

While Turnitin AI Detection Tool also supports multiple languages, it may have limitations with less commonly used or highly specialized languages.

Originality AI Pros & Cons

Originality.AI has several pros and cons, such as: 


  • Originality.AI can help keep writers accountable and ensure that they submit original work.
  • It can help businesses create accurate and original content at scale while maintaining quality standards.
  • Originality.AI is a user-friendly option for AI and plagiarism detection.


  • Originality.AI may not be 100% accurate.
  • There are some free alternatives to Originality.AI. 

Turnitin Pros & Cons

According to our research, Turnitin has several pros and cons:


  • Turnitin is a widely recognized plagiarism detection tool used by many universities and institutions. 
  • It can help educators identify potential plagiarism and teach students about proper citation and academic integrity.
  • Turnitin offers seamless interoperation with every major learning management system.


  • Turnitin can be expensive without an institutional subscription.
  • Some view Turnitin as a tool that fosters a culture of mistrust between students and instructors.
  • Turnitin may not be 100% accurate and can produce false positives .

Originality AI vs Turnitin: Who Is Winner

Originality AI and Turnitin are two of the most popular plagiarism checkers on the market. Both tools use artificial intelligence to detect plagiarism, but they have different strengths and weaknesses.

Turnitin is the more established of the two tools, and it is used by millions of students and educators around the world. Turnitin has a large database of content to compare against, and it is very good at detecting plagiarism in academic papers. 

However, Turnitin can be expensive, and it is not as good at detecting plagiarism in other types of documents, such as blog posts and marketing materials. For this you can check this article around “can Turnitin detect ChatGPT” for better understanding.

Originality AI is a newer tool, but it is quickly gaining popularity. Originality AI is very good at detecting plagiarism in all types of documents, and it is also able to detect AI-written content. 

Originality AI is also more affordable than Turnitin, and it offers a wider range of features, such as the ability to check for plagiarism in multiple languages and the ability to track plagiarism over time.

So, who is the winner? It depends on your needs. If you are a student or educator who needs to check for plagiarism in academic papers, then Turnitin is a good choice. 

However, if you need to check for plagiarism in other types of documents, or if you are looking for a more affordable option, then Originality AI is a better choice.

Should You Trust On AI Detection Tools? 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an increasingly valuable tool in the world of content creation. Content managers often rely on AI detection tools to verify if content has been written by humans. However, the question arises: should you trust these AI detection tools?

A case study conducted by SurferSEO sheds light on this matter. They examined 100 articles, half of which were written by humans and the other half generated by AI. The purpose was to replicate a real-life scenario where content managers outsource blog posts and employ AI detection tools to review them.

The study revealed that while AI detection tools were generally effective in identifying AI-generated text, they also incorrectly flagged a considerable number of human-written articles as potentially AI-generated.

This raises doubts about the reliability of AI detection tools in accurately determining the authenticity of human-written content. Although these tools can assist in detecting plagiarism and content fraud, they should not be solely relied upon for verifying content authenticity.

It is crucial for content managers to exercise their own judgment and expertise when evaluating content. AI detection tools should be regarded as just one aspect of a comprehensive content verification process.

By combining their own knowledge and insights with those provided by AI detection tools, content managers can ensure the publication of high-quality, authentic content. This approach not only resonates with the target audience but also enhances search engine rankings.

FAQs Around Originality AI vs Turnitin 

Is Turnitin using Originality AI?

No, Turnitin is not using Originality AI. Turnitin has its own AI writing detection technology, which is different from the technology used by Originality AI.

Is Turnitin accurate for AI detection?

Turnitin’s AI writing detection technology is generally accurate, but it is not perfect. It can sometimes incorrectly identify text as being generated by AI, and it can also miss some text that has been generated by AI.

Is there anything better than Turnitin?

There are a number of plagiarism checkers that are better than Turnitin, including Originality AI, GradeProof, and FreePlagiarismChecker.

What is the difference between Turnitin and Originality?

Turnitin and Originality are both plagiarism checkers, but they have a number of key differences. Turnitin is designed primarily for academia, while Originality is designed for web professionals and agencies. Turnitin is also more expensive than Originality.

Is Originality AI as good as TurnItIn?

Originality AI is as good as, if not better than, Turnitin in terms of accuracy and features. It is also more affordable than Turnitin. However, Turnitin is more widely used, so it may be a better choice for some users.

Can I use Originality AI for free?

Yes, you can use Originality AI for free with a limited number of scans. For unlimited scans, you will need to subscribe to a paid plan.

Does Originality AI really work?

Yes, Originality AI really works. It has been shown to be very accurate at detecting plagiarism and AI writing. It also offers a number of other features, such as grammar checking and style checking, that can help you improve the quality of your writing.

Bottom Line 

It’s important to note that while AI detection tools can be valuable in detecting plagiarism and AI-generated content, they should not be solely relied upon for verifying content authenticity. 

Content managers and individuals should exercise their own judgment and expertise in evaluating content, combining their insights with those provided by AI detection tools for a comprehensive content verification process.

In the end, the use of AI detection tools should complement human judgment, ensuring the publication of high-quality, authentic content that resonates with the target audience and enhances search engine rankings.

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