Top 5 Leonardo AI Prompt Generators For Free [2024]

Leonardo AI Prompt Generators: In today’s world, nearly everyone is utilizing AI art generators to create breathtaking artwork for their businesses or simply for enjoyment. A report by IBM Global shows that already 35% of global companies are using AI and 42% are exploring to use AI

Now you can imagine how important AI is for businesses or other purposes, and AI image generators like Leonardo AI image generator or Midjourney have become the best tools for creating images for various needs.

Leonardo AI Prompt Generator

But if you are a small business owner or a professional who does not have the budget to hire a person to create images, and you are also unable to write a creative text prompt then the problem arises. 

Because without a great text prompt, you can’t create a stunning image. To achieve this, you can learn the Leonardo AI prompt guide, or alternatively, you can choose to utilize the free Leonardo AI prompt generators

And this is why I am writing this article on the top 5 best Leonardo AI prompt creators for free, so that you can start generating images without wasting any time researching on that.

What Is Leonardo AI Prompt Generator? 

Leonardo AI prompt generator is a tool or service that generates detailed textual prompts or descriptions based on short image descriptions like dog, cat, astronaut in the galaxy, etc. 

It utilizes AI technology to analyze any text for an image and generate a corresponding textual description or creative image prompt.

And the generated Leonardo AI’s textual prompt ideas can be used to create mind blowing artworks from this platform. 

Usually, when we have an outstanding image in our mind but don’t have any idea on how to bring it to life by writing a truly great Leonardo AI prompt, we turn to these Leonardo AI text prompt makers to transform the idea into reality.

For example, I am attempting to create an image of a “fiery-haired goddess,” and I simply input this concise image description into a Leonardo AI prompt builder. And the result is a remarkable prompt: “A breathtaking full-body depiction of a fiery-haired goddess encircled by swirling flames, adorned in an ethereal gown, exquisitely intricate, rendered in 8K resolution, resembling cinematic concept art.” This prompt truly captures the essence of what I envisioned.

fiery-haired goddess
fiery-haired goddess

Now I think you have grasped the idea of how this type of generator works and how it can be beneficial to you. 

Best Leonardo AI Prompt Generators Free

We all know that prompts are a very crucial factor to create stunning artwork for your project and to write prompts we need to be creative. And if you are not creative enough or don’t have time to write prompts then you should go for any Leonardo AI prompt maker. Now here is the top 5 best examples for AI image prompt generator for free: 

RankPrompt Generator Name
1.Leonardo AI Prompt Generation
2.AIPRM – ChatGPT Prompts
5.Awesome Prompts

1. Leonardo AI Prompt Generation 

This is our personal favorite option to generate prompt ideas because it is built by the Leonardo AI team and is also the official Leonardo AI’s prompt generator. 

After generating hundreds of prompt ideas from Leonardo AI’s built-in prompt maker, we have come to the conclusion that Leonardo AI is the best option among all of these examples.

To access Leonardo AI’s prompt generation, you simply need to create a free account, and you will receive 1000 prompt ideas completely free of charge.

Leonardo AI prompt generation example

If you don’t know the exact process to create an account then you can read this step-by-step process to use Leonardo AI

To create prompt ideas for your imaginary image, simply enter your keywords or provide a basic description of the image. This prompt generator for generative AI will immediately give you ideas that you will definitely love.

In my case, I like to create an image of an “astronaut,” and I simply input this keyword into the AI prompt generator. It shows me 8 super impressive prompt ideas. From those 8 ideas, I choose “An astronaut in a sleek, modern spacesuit, standing on a rocky asteroid, gazing out into the infinite expanse of the universe.” Then, I click on the “Generate” button and after that the result is given below:

Leonardo AI gnerate images of astronaut

I am sure that you also love the output of the given prompt. You can try this with different keywords. 

But remember, you can generate up to 1000 ideas for free. After that, you will need to purchase any Leonardo AI subscription plan.

2. AIPRM – ChatGPT Prompts

Our second-best choice is AIPRM, which is also a ready-made Leonardo AI prompt generator.

It is a very popular Chrome Extension for ChatGPT and it was created by Christoph C. Cemper

The primary motive for creating this extension was to generate Midjourney prompts, and now it is used for various online tasks such as generating stunning art, writing articles, blog posts, social media posts, and more advanced tasks like these.

However, if you want to use this Chrome extension, you simply need to install it on your Chrome browser. Once installed, open ChatGPT, and you will see that the extension is already integrated with ChatGPT.

And then you have the option to search for Leonardo AI and click on the result. After that, simply input your keywords and click on the generate button. It will immediately generate 5 creative prompt ideas for you.

AIPRM prompt ideas
AIPRM prompt ideas

If you are a beginner or advanced AI visual art generator user, you will definitely love the option to compare the prompt suggestions side by side. And also it gives negative prompts ideas which make this prompt maker unique from others. 

These negative prompts make your generated Leonardo AI image more impressive. 


Our third pick is Promptmania’s Prompt Builder which is the best option if you choose to create images from Stable Diffusion models. 

Promptmania prompt generator

You can choose this model from Leonardo AI’ featured models section.  

In Promptmania’s Stable Diffusion Prompt Builder, you will get In Promptmania’s Stable Diffusion Prompt Builder, you will get ready-made 70+ art styles, and you can also add your own custom model as per your demand.

prompt Mania art styles

And you can also choose Base Image, Art Medium, Camera Style, Colour, Geometry, Display, Lighting, and everything you need to create stunning artwork. 

This is why, we can say that Promptmania offers a premium tool for free which is good news. 


After researching a lot, we discovered this impressive prompt maker called Promptmakr


It is quite different from other prompt generators because it doesn’t generate prompt ideas for you. 

Instead of this, you can make a mind-blowing prompt by utilizing its features. Here, you don’t need to remember any names like artist names, models, resolutions, etc. 

Because they already provide everything for you, such as art style, artist, realism, render engine, lighting style, camera position, chaos (1 to 100), camera, composition, ISO, resolution, quality, aspect ratio, version, example image, and more.

It is also a free Leonardo AI prompt maker, you can use right now. 

But remember, this tool is the best option if you have minimum intermediate-level photography knowledge

If you don’t have an idea of photography, then I suggest you check other options.

Awesome Prompts

Our last pick is Awesome Prompts which is an entry-level prompt generator for Leonardo AI. 

Awesome prompt

If you are just starting to use AI visual art generators and you don’t have any ideas on how to write prompts, then you can use this tool.

Awesome Prompts offers us ready-made highly detailed prompts so that we can learn how to write any image prompt.

To test this tool’s ready-made prompts, I take an example prompt: “Playful Dolphin Swimming, jumping in mid-air, realistic photography, detailed portrait, vibrant colors” and generate an image from Leonardo AI using this prompt.

After that here are the results: 

Playful Dolphin Swimming

I personally like the results, and what do you think? Write it in the comments section.

10 Leonardo AI Prompt Examples You Can Try Now

Undoubtedly, Leonardo AI stands out as one of the best AI image generators on the market. By using this platform, you can create captivating artwork for a multitude of purposes, with a special focus on creating gaming assets.

It presents numerous customization options, granting you the ability to bring to life whatever you can envision. Nevertheless, here are 10 incredible examples of Leonardo AI prompts to leverage your imagination.

Number Prompt Examples
1.Backpack boy, male child, brown messy hair, astronaut outfit, brown planet, friendly aliens gray with white, humanoid shape, in the sky only space and rocket star parked in the background, anime, super super realistic.
2.Necromancer, diablo immortal, scythe in right hand, shield in left hand, full height.
3.Flittering fireflies dancing through a night sky in an enchanted fantasy forest.
4.A cartoon illustration of a man being chased by a group of angry people, background is a dimly lit hut in the night, dark, dynamic lighting and color.
5.Gold, diamond ornament iron man pendant necklace fashion design HD complete picture.
6.A mechanical alien American alligator, in the style of Simon Stalenhag, in the style of Jean Baptiste Monge, best quality.
7.16 years old, guy dictator with dark green eyes and golden epaulettes of the Generalissimo.
8.Male Gnome with red-brown hair color and green eyes, with a beard, wears nice boots, metal gloves, and a metal breastplate armor with a dragon symbol in the middle. The character has a very nice sword in the right hand and a shield in the left hand.
9.Young Asian man, wearing glasses, black hair, wearing a suit, facing the camera, full half-body portrait, Pixar style.
10.Lord Hanuman ji real face angry look, full body with burning flames weapon in hand, cinematic, HDR, 4k, high textured, fire background, lava splash, golden crown, golden kingdom burning.

These 10 example prompts are created to increase imagination and are beginner-friendly. That’s why I didn’t include any negative prompts in this selection.

FAQ Around Prompt Generator For Leonardo AI

How do you make prompts for Leonardo AI?

To make prompts for Leonardo AI, you can use the prompt generator on the Leonardo AI website. Simply enter a basic prompt idea and the generator will generate a variety of prompts for you to choose from. 

You can also adjust the number of prompts to generate, as well as the style and tone of the prompts.

What is a Prompts generator?

A prompts generator is a tool that helps you generate prompts for AI models. Prompts are instructions that tell the AI model what kind of output you want it to create. For example, a prompt for a text generation AI model might be “Write a story about love.”

What is the best Leonardo AI prompt generator? 

The best Leonardo AI prompt generator is the one that works best for you. According to our research, the best options are Leonardo AI Prompt Generation, AIPRM, Promptmania, Promptmakr, and Awesome Prompts. 

Why do you need a prompt generator for Leonardo AI?

A prompt generator can be helpful for Leonardo AI for a number of reasons. 

First, it can help you to come up with creative and original prompts. 

Second, it can help you to save time by generating prompts for you. 

Third, it can help you to improve the quality of your prompts by providing you with feedback and suggestions.

Is Leonardo AI prompt builders free?

Most of the Leonardo AI prompt generator is free to use. 

However, there are some limitations to the free version. For example, you can only generate a limited number of prompts per day. If you need to generate more prompts, you can upgrade to a paid plan.

Conclusion: Leonardo AI Prompt Generator 

Leonardo AI prompt generators offer an accessible solution for creating stunning artwork without the need for extensive artistic skills. The top 5 free prompt generators discussed in this article, including Leonardo AI Prompt Generation, AIPRM, Promptmania, Promptmakr, and Awesome Prompts, provide creative and unique prompts to fuel your artistic vision. 

Without wasting any time, you should start generating outstanding prompts from today and unlock the full potential of Leonardo AI.  Embrace the power of AI to bring your ideas to life. 

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