Chai AI App Not Working: 12 Easy Methods To Fix All Issues

Chai AI is one of the most effective free alternatives to Character AI, with millions of people chatting, creating, and sharing chat AI personalities.

But the problem is many users are facing the issue of the Chai AI app not working.

These types of issues are a common thing faced by a lot of users because currently, Chai AI has over 4 million active users on their app.

Chai AI App Not Working

And due to heavy traffic and some other reasons, these types of Chai AI not working problems occur on their platform.

But as a user, we do not like these issues and try to resolve them as soon as possible.


This is why our team researched this topic and listed all the problems related to Chai AI. We have also figured out proven methods to solve these issues.

Now without wasting any time, let’s dive into the 12 easy methods to solve Chai AI app not working.

Chai AI App Not Working: 11 Common Problems You Can Face

As we all know that Chai AI not working is not just one problem, there are several.

Our team of AI enthusiasts found these 11 common issues that you may face. Before getting to know the solutions, it is necessary to understand the exact problems you might encounter with Chai AI.

Chai Group Chat Not Working

In the Chai AI app, you can create a group where you can invite your friends to chat together, or you can also chat with different personalities together.

Isn’t it a fun feature? 

But according to some Reddit users, they are not able to chat with different characters or friends when they invite anyone or get invited.

A reddit user claims on Chai Group Chat Not Working
Claims from a Reddit user

That’s why this feature is cool, but the Chai group chat not working is also a significant issue to solve.

Chai Won’t let You Log In

According to our research, the most common problem in Chai AI users is ‘Chai won’t let them log in‘.

And even I personally faced this problem once.

However, you may encounter login issues with the app, such as not being able to sign in with your account or not being able to access your chats. 

If you also faced this problem, then you should read below to get a solution.

Chai Stuck On Loading Screen

The Chai Stuck On Loading Screen issue is a problem that you may face while experiencing the Chai app. 

When this issue occurs, the app will get stuck on the loading screen and will not load any further. 

This would be a frustrating problem when chatting with our favorite characters.

That’s why this is also a significant issue to solve.

Chai Response Taking Longer Than Usual

When you’re trying to open the Chai app on your phone and get an error message “Responses taking longer than usual. Please try again later,” it is really frustrating.

Chai Response Taking Longer Than Usual claims by a Reddit user
Chai Response Taking Longer Than Usual claims by a Reddit user

In this case, you are not the only one who faced this problem. Almost every Chai app user has faced this problem at least once in their life.

Here you will also get an effective solution for this problem. 

Chai AI Is Unavailable

Basically, this problem occurred in Chai AI because of heavy traffic, and their server cannot connect.

When this issue occurs, the app will display a message that says “Chai AI Is Unavailable.” This means that the app is not able to connect to the Chai AI servers.

If you face it, then you can easily follow the steps below to get started.

Chai Bot Not Responding

Chai AI has become so popular among AI enthusiasts because of its interesting, easy-to-talk Chai AI bot. But when these bots do not respond well, it becomes a headache for us.

Am I right? 

According to a Reddit user, he used the Chai AI website for a long time, but for the last three days, he can’t chat with any bot because of this response problem. And also, he could not figure out the solution in a well-mannered way.

Chai Bot Not Responding Claims by a Reddit user
Chai Bot Not Responding Claims by a Reddit user

That’s why I listed this issue in our list, and you should also be familiar with this problem.

Chai Stuck On Typing

The Chai Stuck On Typing issue is a bug in the Chai app that causes the bot to get stuck on the “typing” status. 

Chai Stuck On Typing issue
Image: Reddit

This means that your favorite character bot appears to be typing a response, but it never actually sends one. 

The issue has been reported by several users, and it seems to occur on both iOS and Android devices.

And also, there are some reports that claim that while using the Chai AI website, this issue occurred.

If you are using the Chai AI app or website, then you should know the solution to this issue.

Chai Not Loading Messages

During a conversation with any Chai AI bot, you may encounter the problem of messages not loading correctly.

In this case, your messages may not load properly.

This means that when you send a message, it may not appear in the chat conversation, or it may appear with a delay. 

According to our research, this is one of the most common issues with the Chai AI app not working among all of them.

Chai Could Not Log In Due To Unknown Error

As we already know, users may face a problem while logging into the Chai AI app. RIGHT? 

The Chai AI app also has another issue related to ‘Log In,’ and the problem is called “Could not log in due to an unknown error.” In this case, you cannot log in to their platform for an unknown reason.

And the most important thing is that this issue has been reported for both the free and paid versions of the Chai app.

Chai App Not Finishing Sentences

After launching ChatGPT by OpenAI, different AI tools were introduced to us. And some of them, we love to use.

And I personally faced this problem first in ChatGPT while generating long-form content, and even to solve this issue, ChatGPT introduced a “Continue” to complete any sentence.

Like this, the Chai app also has an issue of not completing the sentence. And here the bot may start a sentence, but it will not complete it.

Chai App Not Finishing Sentences

Chai Unlimited Messages Glitch

The Chai Unlimited Messages Glitch is a bug in the Chai app that allows users to send unlimited messages without being limited by the daily message cap. 

Some Reddit users reported that they faced this glitch suddenly, and after 2 or 3 days, this glitch was resolved automatically.

And from this report, you can assume that this glitch occurs because of the Chai AI server, and sometimes the developers fix the issue.

But if not fixed in your case, then below are some methods to solve this.

Here I mentioned 11 most common problems you face while using the Chai AI app. I have mentioned these to raise awareness regarding them. Now, if you encounter any type of issue among them, you can go through our expert-curated methods to solve it.

Why Is Chai AI App Not Working? 

When we encounter any problem, our initial approach is to identify the reasons behind it. RIGHT? 

Because if you figure out the actual reason, it will be easier to fix any issue.

This is why, before giving you the solution, here I am providing you with the answer to the most important question: “Why is Chai AI app not working?” After that, you will be able to resolve any issue regarding the Chai AI app or website.

There could be several potential reasons why the Chai AI chatbot app is not working properly:

Server Issues 

If any app or website is not working properly, then the most probable reason is a server issue.

Like any app relying on servers, network issues or server outages could cause the app to be unavailable. Chai may be experiencing downtime or connectivity problems on their backend.

It happens most of the time because an app or website needs to be hosted on a server, and that’s why if the server is slow or there are other applications on that server, then this type of issue may arise.

Increased User Traffic  

As I already mentioned, Chai AI is one of the best alternatives to Character AI, and that’s why millions of people are actively using this software.

And the problem arises when suddenly lots of traffic visits their application, and this causes servers to slow down, hindering the performance of their site.

It happens because of their marketing promotions like Facebook, Google, and other ads; photos and videos on social media, etc.

Technical Bugs 

Technical bugs are one of the most common terms that we are all familiar with.

Am I right or wrong? 

Because almost every app or website faces this problem once in their life.

Bugs or errors in the app code, especially after recent updates, could be causing crashes or malfunctions. 

That’s why when you try to use the Chai AI chatbot app, you may face some technical issues like bugs, server outages, or software conflicts, etc.

Data Training Deficiencies 

Chai AI chatbot was built on the Large Language Model (LLM), and it is powered by deep machine learning processes. During its training, it consumes lots of data and text to respond like a human.

But when Chai lacks sufficient conversational data to handle certain queries, its responses may be poor. And in that case, it may show you some errors like being stuck on typing, not loading messages, or it may take a longer response time.

User Error 

The user error refers to the mistakes or issues that arise from the actions or input provided by the user rather than any inherent flaw in the Chai AI chatbot itself. 

These errors can happen due to misunderstandings of the chatbot’s abilities, providing unclear or wrong input, or not following the chatbot’s instructions correctly.

Here are the examples of Chai ai app user errors that you may face when interacting with this awesome app:

  • Spelling and grammatical mistakes 
  • Ignoring the chatbot’s instructions or prompts
  • Repeatedly asking the same question
  • Sending excessive text
  • You may exceed your daily usage limit
  • sending incorrect files or data

Compatibility issues 

When using the Chai AI app, you may encounter compatibility issues that affect its performance, and it will make you frustrated.

These can include device and browser compatibility, language support, and internet connection problems. 

For example, to use the Chai app, you need to be above 17+ and it only supports the English language, which means you cannot use this AI chatbot in any other language.

Additionally, updates to APIs, security concerns, and limited NLP capabilities may also cause disruptions.

Geographical Issue

Geographical barriers are a common issue in the technological field because there are a lot of apps and applications available that do not provide their services outside of the United States or the UK, like Chai AI.

Like other apps and services, Chai AI may close its service in any particular area. That’s why you may face any Chai AI app not responding to the issue.

But remember, we did not find any official information regarding this.

Down For Maintenance

It’s possible for the Chai AI app to show an error message saying “Down for Maintenance” when it’s temporarily unavailable due to updates or fixes. 

In that case, you may need to try again later and this type of maintenance ensures the chatbot runs smoothly in the future.

12 Methods To Solve All Chai AI Not Working Problems

Now, here are 12 step-by-step solutions to resolve Chai AI app not working or not responding issues:

  1. Check Your Internet Connection
  2. Monitor Chai AI’s Server Status
  3. Disable Any Firewall or Antivirus Software
  4. Restart Your Device
  5. Close & Restart The Chai App
  6. Check for Chai App Updates
  7. Reinstall The Chai App
  8. Contact Chai AI’s  Customer Support
  9. Try A Different Device
  10. Create A New Account 
  11. Use a VPN
  12. Try Their Premium Plan

Here is detailed method to fix these issue:

1. Check Your Internet Connection

Your internet connection plays a vital role in accessing any app or website. Suppose your internet connection is not steady, then it causes the ‘Chai AI app not working’ issue.

That’s why to use the Chai app smoothly, you need a steady and high-speed internet connection.

Internet speed testing
My Internet speed

When you face any type of Chai app error, your first step will be to check your internet connection. To do this, you can use different online internet speed checkers such as or Spectrum.

In this case, our suggestion is to use high-speed broadband services when using Chai AI chatbot.

2. Monitor Chai AI’s Server Status

As you already know, like other online applications and websites, the Chai AI app occasionally faces server downtime problems. And these server downtimes cause poor performance, error warnings, or a total lack of operation.

That’s why when you face any Chai app not responding issue, your second task will be to check the Chai app server by using any third-party websites.

Chai AI app server status
Chai AI app server status

In this case, you just need to simply search for “Is Chai AI app down,” then you can choose any of the websites from Google SERP.

3. Disable Any Firewall or Antivirus Software

During our research on ‘why Chai app not working,’ we found that sometimes your antivirus and firewall may cause Chai app errors. And also, if you are using a low-quality antivirus, then there is a chance to leak your personal data.

That’s why I recommend readers to remove any antivirus or firewall from their device if they face any of the mentioned issues.

4. Restart Your Device

Generally speaking, there is a fact that restarting or rebooting the device can resolve many technical issues from our device.

And like this, I personally tested that, and the result is pretty good.

So, when you cannot access the Chai app for any reason, you can simply restart your device. To restart your device, you can simply follow the following steps:

  1. Close Chai AI applications: Close all open applications or programs on your device. This will help ensure a smooth restart.
  1. Shutdown the device: If the device is responsive, you can initiate the restart process by shutting it down first. The steps may vary depending on the type of device you have:
  1. Computer (Windows): Click on the “Start” menu, then select “Shutdown” or “Restart.” Alternatively, you can press the Windows key, then click the power icon and choose “Restart.”
  1. Computer (Mac): Click on the Apple menu in the top left corner, then select “Restart.”
  1. Smartphone (iOS/Android): Press and hold the power button until the power options appear, then select “Restart.”
  1. Tablet: The process is similar to smartphones; press and hold the power button, then select “Restart” when the options appear.
  1. Other devices: For other devices like routers, gaming consoles, or smart home devices, check the manufacturer’s instructions for restarting.
  1. Wait for the device to shut down: Give the device a few moments to shut down completely.
  1. Power on the device: After the device has shut down, press the power button to turn it back on.
  1. Wait for the device to boot up: The device will go through the boot-up process, and you should see the home screen or login screen once it’s ready.

5. Close & Restart The Chai App

When we continuously use any app for a long time, it may cause errors or disruptions. In this case, you can close the Chai app and restart it to resolve the problem.

To close and restart Chai app, you can follow these steps: 

On Android:

  1. Open the “Recent Apps” screen by tapping the square or the dedicated “Recent Apps” button on your navigation bar.
  2. Swipe left or right to find the app you want to close.
  3. Swipe it off the screen (left or right) to close the app.

On iOS (iPhone):

  1. For iPhones with a home button: Double-press the home button to access the App Switcher.
  2. For iPhones without a home button: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and pause to access the App Switcher.
  3. Swipe left or right to find the app you want to close.
  4. Swipe the app’s preview card up and off the screen to close it.

6. Check for Chai App Updates

An outdated Chai app version may cause different issues like not responding, error messages, loading, etc. This is why if you are accessing an outdated Chai app, then go to the Play Store or App Store and update the app.

In this case, a simple update can resolve all the issues you faced, and the functionality will be smoother.

7. Reinstall The Chai App

Reinstalling the Chai AI app can fix not working issues because it replaces corrupted files, resolves software bugs, and clears cache problems. It also ensures compatibility with updates and resets user settings. 

However, remember to back up important data before reinstalling. If the issue persists, seek further help.

If you want to reinstall the app then follow this simple steps: 

  1. Locate the app on your device.
  2. Press and hold the app icon until a menu appears.
  3. Select “Uninstall” or “Delete” to remove the app.
  4. Go to the app store (e.g., Google Play Store or Apple App Store).
  5. Search for the app you want to reinstall.
  6. Tap on the app’s icon and select “Install” or “Download.”
  7. Wait for the app to download and install.
  8. Launch the app and set it up if necessary.
  9. Your app is now reinstalled and should work properly.

8. Try A Different Device

Some users claim that the Chai app not working issue lies on their device, and when they open the Chai app on another device, the previous problem was automatically resolved.

This is why, if possible, try to open your Chai account on a different device. According to our research, this trick may work sometimes.

9. Create A New Account 

Creating a new account can resolve application not working issues due to corrupted data, account-specific restrictions, or bugs. It’s a troubleshooting step, but it may not always work. 

If problems persist, consider other solutions or contact support.

10. Use a VPN

As I already mentioned, geographical barriers can cause the problem of Chai AI not working or not responding issues. A VPN service is able to bypass these geographical restrictions.

VPN service

So, if you tried the above method, then you can use a VPN to change your IP address. Here you need to use some well-known and trustworthy VPNs like ExpressVPN and NordVPN.

11. Try Their Premium Plan

If you are using the Chai AI free account, then you get 70 free messages every 2 hours and 30 minutes, and after that time, you will get another 70 messages. RIGHT? 

And sometimes when you exceed your limit, you face different errors like Loading and Not responding. So, to overcome these errors, you can purchase any of the Chai AI app subscription plans and get more benefits. Also, you will get special benefits to contact their customer team. 

Chai AI app subscription plans
Chai AI app subscription plans

12. Contact Chai AI’s  Customer Support

If you have already implemented all of the above methods to resolve the Chai AI app not working issue, then your most important task will be to contact the Chai app support team.

Because sometimes your Chai app account may experience some serious issues, and in this case, only the customer support team can resolve it.

You can simply email at [email protected], or you can also contact via their social media pages like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

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FAQs Around Chai AI App Not Working

What can I use instead of chai AI?

There are a number of AI chatbots available that are similar to Chai AI, including Character AI, Janitor AI, NovelAI, Botify AI, Crushon AI, and many more. 

Is Chai chat AI safe?

The Chai chat AI was generally considered to be safe, but there were some concerns about the app’s ability to protect user privacy. The app’s developers said that they took user privacy seriously.

Is Chai Ai a real person?

No, Chai AI is not a real person. It is a chatbot that is powered by artificial intelligence. 

Is the Chai app actually robots?

Yes, the Chai app is actually robots. The app uses artificial intelligence to create chatbots that are able to chat with users.

What apps are better than Chai?

The following apps are considered to be better than Chai:
Character AI
Janitor AI
Anima: AI Friend

Is Chai AI App Down?

Currently, Chai AI app is up and running smoothly as of August 2023.

Final Thoughts

In this comprehensive article, I tried my best to provide solutions on how to fix the Chai AI app not working in just 12 simple steps.

And also, I provide you with all the probable issues and the proper reasons behind these problems.

In our step-by-step method, you can easily fix your Chai app not working issue without needing any technical knowledge.

But by following these tips, if you can’t resolve your problem, then your first step will be to contact Chai AI customer care, and also, you can choose other Chai AI app alternatives, which are also very good options.

However, if you liked the article, then feel free to share it with your friends and family, and also, if you have any suggestions, then write them in the comment section.

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