Best Stable Diffusion Models 2024: What, Where, and How to Download

Each stable diffusion model is a set of algorithms that have been trained on a specific dataset.

That’s why if you want to create particular lifelike portraits or captivating digital landscapes, you should choose the right model from the vast list of Stable Diffusion models to effortlessly bring your vision to life.

Best Stable Diffusion Models

Because we know the quality and style of the images we generate with Stable Diffusion depend on the prompt and model we choose.

But navigating through the vast collection of models on Huggingface and Civitai, both have extensive databases, can be a time-consuming task.

To make this easier, I’ve compiled a list of the most updated stable diffusion models including their details, where to download, and how to install them.

Best Stable Diffusion Models 2024

If you’re short on time, you can find your desired model in the table below. We’ve highlighted the best objective of each model and provided their uploaded date.

For more details and download links of each model, simply scroll down the page.

Model NameBest ForUploaded Date
1. Realistic Vision V3.0Photoralistic28th June 2023
2. Dreamshaper – V7Photorealism3rd July 2023
3. epiCRealismPhotorealistic27 June 2023
4. KenshiAnime30 Jan 2023
5. Flat-2D AnimergeAnime Art25 June 2023
6. Counterfeit-V2.5Anime19 Feb 2023
7. AbsoluteRealityNSFW Content2nd July 2023
8. XSarchitecturalArchitecture27 Apr 2023
Best Models for Stable Diffusion: Quick view

Note: Civitai account is required to access certain models mentioned in this article, as they may contain NSFW (Not Safe for Work).

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Best Stable Diffusion Models for Photorealistic

Now it’s time to delve into the detailed overview and user reviews of each of the models according to their use cases.

1. Realistic Vision V3.0

Demo Images for Realistic Vision V3.0
Image Source: Civitai
TypeCheckpoint Merge
Total Download46055+
File Size1.99 GB
Base ModelStable Diffusion 1.5
Uploaded Date28th June 2023
Best ForPhotorealism
Rating4.9 out of 5
To DownloadCheck Here
Model Realistic Vision V3.0: Quick Overview


  • The Realistic Vision V3.0 model excels in generating photorealistic images.
  • In addition to photorealism, it incorporates CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) rendering capabilities.
  • It offers the option of semirealistic rendering. This feature allows you to adjust the level of realism in the generated images, striking a balance between photorealism and stylized representation.
  • The model offers different versions and variants to cater to various user preferences and requirements.

2. Dreamshaper – V7

demo images for stable diffusion dreamshaper model
Image Source: Civitai
TypeCheckpoint Trained
Total Downloads24321+
File Size1.99 GB
Base ModelStable Diffusion 1.5
Best forPhotorealistic and Anime
Uploaded Date3 rd July 2023
Rating4.98 out of 5
Download LinkHere

DreamShaper – V7 has shown remarkable advancements in its ability to handle Character LoRA, ensuring an even smoother and more seamless experience for users.

Users love the model for its outstanding performance, versatility, and breathtaking output. It has gained a dedicated following within the community, becoming a top choice for all kinds of creative projects.

3. epiCRealism

image generated by epiCRealism model
Image: Civitai
TypeCheckpoint Trained
Total Downloads23458+
File Size1.99 GB
Base modelSD 1.5
Uploaded on27 June 2023
Best forPhotorealistic
Download LinkHere


  • It focuses on generating photorealistic images with an emphasis on female subjects and analog realism.
  • The model claims to have undergone refinement in terms of understanding prompts, generating realistic hands, and overall photorealism.
  • It is described as the final version for now, as the developer has put a lot of effort into it and may not be able to make significant changes in the future.

Stable Diffusion Models for Anime Art

4. Kenshi

images generated by Kenshi anime model
Image: Civitai
TypeCheckpoint Merge
Total Downloads15762+
Uploaded Date30 Jan 2023
File Size(2 Files)7.4 GB
Best forAnime Art


  • The Kenshi model is focused on generating anime-style images.
  • It includes tags and references to popular artists such as BOCHEN, NIXEU, GUWEIZ, and WLOP.
  • The model is available in multiple versions, including 01 and 00.
  • The checkpoint includes a VAE (Variational Autoencoder) that needs to be downloaded and placed alongside the checkpoint for proper functioning.

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5. Flat-2D Animerge

Images generated by Flat-2D Animerge stable diffusion anime model
Image Civitai
Total Downloads11422+
Uploaded on25 June 2023
Training atSTEP: 21120, EPOCHS: 480
File Size(3 Files)1.99 GB
Base ModelSD 1.5
Download LinkHere

Standout Features:

  • The model is a merge of random anime-based and cartoon-based models to achieve a cartoony anime style.
  • It aims to generate images that resemble the art style seen in anime, rather than focusing on hyper-detailed anime models.
  • The latest version, v3.0, includes custom training to further enhance the style and improve performance.
  • It offers a cleaner line style, better colors at lower CFG scales, and a more consistently hand-drawn look.

6. Counterfeit-V2.5 2.5d tweak

demo image for Counterfeit-V2.5 2.5d tweak model
Image: Civitai
Uploaded Date19 Feb 2023
Total Downloads5472+
File Size(2 Files)1.99 GB
Base ModelSD 1.5

Standout Features:

  • The model aims to achieve a similar effect to orangemix by adjusting the U-NET, a type of neural network architecture.
  • The model provides instructions on how to use it, including the requirement of the EasyNegative pt file and the 840,000 VAE (Variational Autoencoder).
  • It suggests using fewer negative tags but recommends including negative tags specifically related to fingers, toes, and hands.

Stable Diffusion Models for NSFW

7. AbsoluteReality

AbsoluteReality model's images
Image: Civitai
TypeCheckpoint Trained
Total Downloads15450+
File Size1.99 GB
Base ModelSD 1.5
Uploaded on2nd July 2023
Rating4.99 out of 5
Best ForNSFW
Download Linkhere


  • The AbsoluteReality model is available in multiple versions, including v1.6, v1.6-INPAINTING, v1.6 diffusers, v1, and v1-INPAINTING.
  • It offers various categories of image generation, such as landscapes, photorealistic images, portraits, hyperrealistic character portraits, and photography.
  • It supports quick face alteration examples using celebrity names and mixing them.
  • It is compatible with anime character LoRA and is better at handling NSFW (Not Safe for Work) content compared to the previous version.

Stable Diffusion Models for Architecture

8. XSarchitectural-6Modern small building

Stable Diffusion Models  for Architecture Design
Image: Civitai
Training Steps20
Training Epochs15
Total Downloads2327+
Uploaded On27 Apr 2023
Download LinkHere
File Size36.11 MB
  • The model specializes in architectural design and is focused on modern small buildings.
  • It can generate visuals depicting black concrete and Corten’s modern minimalist villas.
  • The model is trained to incorporate artificial lighting and create scenes with an ultra-wide-angle and depth-of-field effect.
  • SafeTensor: The model is built on SafeTensor technology, ensuring safety and reliability in the generated content.

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How to Install Stable Diffusion Models

As we see models of different categories for stable diffusion checkpoint, now if you don’t know how to install the models. Then below are the steps:

Before the installation process starts, make sure you have downloaded the model from HuggingFace or from our provided link. While downloading, ensure to choose the safe tensor file if available. Now…

1. Locate the Downloaded Files: Once the models are downloaded, navigate to your downloads directory on your computer.

2. Install the Models: Find the installation directory of the software you’re using to work with stable diffusion models.

3. Copy the Model Files: Copy the downloaded model files from the downloads directory and paste them into the “models” directory of the software.

4. Access the Installed Models: Launch the software, such as Invoke AI, and open the model manager or a similar feature. Look for an option to add a new model or load an existing one. Specify the path or directory where you pasted the model files.

5. Verify the Models: After adding the models, verify that they are successfully loaded in the software. They should appear in the list of available models.

6. Select and Generate: Choose the desired model from the dropdown menu in the software. Depending on the software’s interface, you may need to load the model into GPU memory.

Once the model is selected, you can start generating new images or performing other tasks based on that model.


1. Where can I find Stable Diffusion Models?

There are various platforms where you can find stable diffusion models, such as Hugging Face or Civet AI. These platforms offer a wide range of specialized models for different purposes.

2. 4. How can I get started with Stable Diffusion models?

There are a few different ways to get started with Stable Diffusion models. One way is to use a pre-trained model, which can be found here. Another way is to train your own model, which requires some technical knowledge.

3. Which model is best for Stable Diffusion?

The best model for Stable Diffusion depends on your specific needs and preferences. Some of the most popular models are:
Realistic Vision,
AbyssOrangeMix3 (AOM3),
Remember, the best way to decide which model is right for you is to try out a few different ones and see which one you like the best.

Disclaimer: Total number of downloads, ratings, and various other figures mentioned in this blog are subject to change even after the post has been published. It is important to keep in mind that these numbers are dynamic and may be updated over time.

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