Leonardo AI Content Moderation Filter: Everything You Need To Know

Leonardo AI content moderation filters are a common issue faced by many people nowadays, especially those who are trying to create game assets. They often encounter automated content moderation filters.

AI content moderation filter is a system adopted by online platforms to scan and analyze content, such as text, images, videos, or audio, and determine if it meets certain guidelines or rules set by the platform.

It checks whether the content being posted or displayed is appropriate or follows the rules of their platform.

Leonardo AI Content Moderation Filter

In simple terms, it is designed to prevent the generation of infringing content by their users.

But the problem is as it is an automatically trained system for that reason it can make mistakes. 

And this is why some people are facing problems without doing any offensive tasks and searching for detailed information regarding content moderation filter Leonardo AI. 

However, in this article, you will discover what the Leonardo AI content moderation filter is, its pros and cons, how it works, and, most importantly, how to bypass this AI content moderation.

What Is Leonardo AI Content Moderation Filter?

Leonardo AI Content Moderation Filter is a feature that prevents the generation of inappropriate or harmful images based on the user’s prompts. 

These automated filtering tools or systems help to keep things safe and appropriate when you use Leonardo AI

It works like a guardian that watches out for certain words or phrases that might lead to creating images that are not suitable or against the guideline of Leonardo AI.

For example, if you type in words like “naked,” “nudity,” “slave,” “young,” “big breast,” or similar words, the filter will kick in. 

content moderation filter notification from Leonardo AI
Content moderation filter notification from Leonardo AI

It won’t let Leonardo AI generate any images related to those words because they are not suitable for work or may be offensive.

And if you want to bypass this, there are some ways to circumvent content filters for AI image generation. 

And to create stunning images check out this complete Leonardo AI prompt guide, it will definitely help you.  

However, the good thing is that this filter is active for all users of Leonardo AI, no matter what subscription plan they have. 

So, everyone using Leonardo AI will have this extra protection to make sure the images they create are safe and appropriate.

How Leonardo AI Content Moderation Process Works? 

Leonardo AI content moderation filters are like smart automatic systems that use machine learning algorithms to check if user-generated images are appropriate or not. 

This content moderation filter also called AI image moderation is a very useful technology to flag or block images that may violate community standards, contain hate speech, nudity, explicit or violent material, or any other content deemed unacceptable.

A robotic arm delicately searching through a pile of documents, looking for any discrepancies or errors.

Now the question was how the content moderation filter in Leonardo AI works.

And the answer is-

To understand any image, the content filters for AI image generation are trained using a lot of pictures on the internet that have been labeled as safe or unsafe by real people. 

This helps the computer program learn what things in an image might be deemed inappropriate, such as violence or nudity, and what things might be considered positive or acceptable.

Now the idea of how Leonardo AI image generation filter consider an image as bad or good is clear. 

And when you type any prompt to create images, Leonardo AI’s pre-trained moderation filter tries to find any signs that the picture might not be safe. It checks for things like objects or words that could be harmful.

After giving the text prompt and hitting the generate button, Leonardo AI moderation methods give the image a score based on how safe it thinks it is. If the score is higher than a certain number, it means the image might not be safe. 

In that case, the filter takes action, like not generating the image or showing it to a real person for review or hiding it from everyone.

Remember, sometimes the filters make mistakes, like saying an image is unsafe when it’s actually okay. To overcome this error you can try to use synonyms, alternative words, or more specific descriptions that do not contain the trigger words. 

Advantages of Content Moderation Filter Leonardo AI

We all know that 2023 is the year of Artificial Intelligence (AI) when almost everyone uses AI for their day-to-day work or just for fun purposes. 

But when we try to create something different, most of the AI tools like Leonardo AI, Character AI, NovelAI show us an error, which is an AI content filtration error. This error is actually beneficial as it ensures user and platform security, appropriateness, and overall well-being.

In the same way, Leonardo AI’s image moderation filters for user-generated content offer several advantages, which are outlined below:

Brand Protection 

Brand Protection 
Image Source: LinkedIn

Leonardo AI ensures the protection of its brand by effectively moderating and filtering user-generated content. Offensive or infringing content is swiftly identified and removed, safeguarding their brand’s reputation.

Real-Time Filtering 

With Leonardo AI’s advanced capabilities, user-generated content is moderated in real-time. This automatic filter content moderation approach prevents harmful content from being disseminated to a wider audience, ensuring a safe and positive user experience.

Enhanced User Experience 

Leonardo AI’s content moderation creates a welcoming environment for new users. They try to maintain a clean and respectful platform so that anyone feels secure and more inclined to participate. 

Enhanced User Experience
Image Source: Optuno

If the platform doesn’t use content filters for AI image generation, it won’t be beneficial to everyone, and it undermines their brand identities as a trustworthy source.

Compliance with Guidelines 

With Leonardo AI, you can rest assured that compliance with community guidelines, terms of service, and legal requirements is upheld. 

To understand this, you can also read the complete article on Leonardo’s AI license, where we described everything. 

However, their AI content moderation effectively detects and eliminates any content that violates these guidelines, thereby reducing legal risks and fostering a responsible online community.

Positive Impact on Society 

Through its content moderation capabilities, Leonardo AI plays an active role in creating a more wholesome digital society. 

Smile written on a rock

By effectively countering hate speech and harmful images for society, their moderation methods cultivate an inclusive and respectful online environment, benefiting all users.

Disadvantages of Content Moderation Filter in Leonardo AI 


Leonardo AI’s Image moderation services might be overzealous in their attempt to block inappropriate or sensitive content. 

As a result, they may wrongly identify harmless or legitimate images as problematic and prevent them from being generated, leading to unnecessary restrictions.


On the other hand, image moderation filters for user-generated content might not be comprehensive enough, allowing inappropriate or harmful content to slip through and be generated. 

This could lead to the dissemination of offensive or harmful images.

Restricting Creativity

Excessive AI-powered content filtering systems have the potential to hinder the creative possibilities of the Leonardo AI image generator. 

This could lead artists and general users to feel constrained in their expression, resulting in generated images that are mundane and predictable.

Leonardo AI Content Moderation Filter Error

Leonardo AI content moderation filter error might misclassify images, resulting in false negatives (allowing inappropriate content) or false positives (blocking appropriate content). 

These errors can harm the user experience and discourage users from utilizing this awesome AI image generator tool.

Bias and Unfairness

Content moderation filters have the potential to unintentionally adopt biases inherent in the training data. 

Bias and Unfairness
Image Source: DataRobot

Consequently, this may result in the preferential treatment of specific images, themes, or styles, which can perpetuate stereotypes or marginalize certain groups, undermining their representation.

How to Bypass Content Moderation Filter in Leonardo AI or other tools? 

As Leonardo AI’s automated content moderation technology is not perfect and may sometimes block harmless prompts or allow harmful ones. 

For that reason here I described two effective ways to bypass this AI moderation process: 

Alphanumeric Characters

When you write Leonardo AI prompts, make sure to use instead of using explicit curse words, you can replace certain letters with characters like “$,” “@,” or “#.” This can trick AI moderators into not filtering offensive language.

Text Manipulation 

Text manipulation is also one of the best methods to overcome Leonardo AI content moderation filter. You just need to add text or blur explicit details on images to help evade AI moderation. 

By doing so, you can avoid detection for violating community guidelines regarding inappropriate image content.

Remember, we do not advise you to use these methods to bypass the Leonardo AI content filtration process and we always suggest everyone maintain community guidelines for any service or product. 

How is AI Used in Content Moderation?

According to a study by Polaris Market Research, the global user-generated content market will be worth more than $28 billion by the end of 2028

The increase in user-generated content makes it hard for human moderators to deal with unwanted and infringing content. This is why AI auto-moderation filters come into the market.

AI content moderators can easily scan and analyze any image or text to remove infringing content from a particular online platform, in my case we are talking about Leonardo’s AI image generator tool. And also this is faster than human moderators.  

AI content moderators use different methods to detect harmful content such as re-moderation, post-moderation, reactive moderation, distributed moderation, and automated moderation

Leonardo AI Content Moderation Methods

It can be used to implement any of these types, depending on the level of human involvement and oversight required.

AI offers a range of valuable applications. One such application involves leveraging AI to pre-moderate content before it is published, or alternatively, to post-moderate content following user reports or algorithmic flags.

Furthermore, AI can serve as a supportive tool for human moderators, empowering them with suggestions, feedback, and efficient work aids. This collaboration between AI and human moderators enhances their productivity and streamlines their tasks.

FAQs Around Leonardo AI Content Moderation

What is Leonardo AI?

Leonardo AI is one of the most popular AI image generator tools that is also the best free alternative to Midjourney AI where you will get 150 image generation per day. 

What is content moderation filter in Leonardo AI?

Leonardo AI content moderation filter is a machine learning technology adopted by this image generator tool to scan and analyze user-generated harmful text and images in real-time. So that, it can maintain its brand value and healthy atmosphere.

What is content moderation filter?

A content moderation filter is a tool that is used to automatically identify and remove content that violates a website’s or platform’s terms of service. These filters can be used to identify a wide variety of content, including: profanity, hate speech, sexual abuse content, terrorism content, spam, copyrighted material, etc.

What are the types of content moderation?

There are many different types of content moderation methods available, but some of the most common include: pre-moderation, post-moderation, reactive moderation, distributed moderation, and automated moderation.

Conclusion: Leonardo AI Content Moderation Filter

There are some individuals who continuously attempt to propagate violence through various Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and social media platforms. They primarily utilize AI art generators such as Leonardo AI and Novel AI, as well as text generators like ChatGPT or Perplexity AI, to generate malicious content, which is subsequently shared on social media platforms. 

By following this method they spread violence among social media users. 

To combat such forms of violence and ensure a secure environment for their users, Leonardo AI has implemented AI content moderation techniques. Through the application of this advanced technology, they can effectively prevent the creation and dissemination of harmful images or content.

However, it is important to note that the AI content moderation filter in Leonardo AI art generator is not always accurate. Sometimes, it may mistakenly prevent the generation of images that are not harmful. For this reason, we recommend using the methods described above.

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